Onion Bhaji (v)  £3.00 Chicken Pakora   £3.50
Lightly spiced onion balls, deep fried.   Diced chicken dipped in spicy batter sauce then deep fried.  
Samosa (meat or veg)  £3.00 Prawn Puree   £4.50
Stuffed pastry, deep fried.   Bhuna prawns on thin fried pastry.  
Dhai Chana (v)  £3.00 Mirchi Chicken or Lamb Tikka   £4.50
Spicy chick peas on top of fresh yoghurt.   Marinated chicken or lamb tikka covered with hot chilli pickle (naga)  
Sheek Kebab   £3.50 Karai Kebab   £4.50
Marinated mince lamb, barbecued in the tandoor sausage shaped.   Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, & sheek kebab barbecued in the tandoor. then cooked in a medium sauce.  
Shami Kebab   £3.50 Mixed Kebab   £4.50
Marinated mince lamb, burger shaped shallow fried.   Mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab.  
Reshmi Kebab   £3.50 Chicken Nambali   £4.50
Marinated mince lamb, burger shaped shallow fried. and wrapped in an omlette.   Lightly spiced diced chicken pieces covered in melted creamy cheese.  
Chicken or Lamb Tikka   £3.50 King Prawn Puree     £5.50
Marinated chicken or lamb pieces barbecued in the tandoor.   Bhuna king prawns on thin fried pastry.  
Tandoori Chicken   £3.50 Salmon Masalla  £5.50
Marinated chicken leg or breast piece on the bone barbecued in the tandoor.   White fish coated with spicy mixed powder and then fried.  
Chicken Chat Puree   £4.50 Tandoori King Prawn   £5.50
Chicken cooked with chatt massalla sauce and then served on a thin pastry.   Marinated king prawns barbecued in the tandoor.  
Fish Pakora
  £4.80 Sizzling Garlic King Prawn   £5.50
White fish coated in spice then deep fried.   Marinated in garlic, lightly spiced and shallow fried.  
Aloo Chat Puree (v)   £3.50 Sizzling Chicken or Lamb   £4.80
Potatoe cooked with chatt masalla sauce and then served on a thin pastry.   Thin sliced marinated chicken or lamb tikka, stir fried with sliced green peppers and onions with of methi, fresh corriander and herbs.  
Garlick Mushroom Puree (v)   £4.50 Mixed Platter (for 2 people)   £14.80
Mushrooms fried with fresh garlic and then served on a thin pastry.   A mix of king prawns, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, onion bhaji chicken pakora and lamb tikka.  
 Prawn Cocktail   £3.00 Roshn Chicken or Lamb
    Chicken or lamb barbacued with fresh garlic and other spices  
Mango Chicken  £4.50 King Prawn Butterfly  £5.50
Chicken cooked with mango then served on thin pastry   Marinated king prawns covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried   


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