Chefs Specials


All chef's Specials are pre cooked in tandoor with choice of chicken or lamb.


Sashlick Karai (Chicken or Lamb)


Barbequed in the tandoori together with onions, tomato and capsicum, then re-cooked in a medium sauce.


King Prawn Shashlik Karai


Large king prawns barbequed in the tandoori, together with onions, tomato and capsicum, then cooked in a medim sauce.


Karai (Chicken or lamb)


A medium dish with sliced onions, capiscum and tomatoes.


Flaming Rezella (Dining in Only)


Highly spiced dish cooked with onions, green peppers and fresh herbs with a touch of sambuka. Madras hot. Chilli With extra chillies, Madras hot.


Jalfrezi (Chicken or lamb)


Hot with fresh chilies, onions, peppers and a rich blend of herbs and spices.




A medium dish cooked with fenugreek and a variety of spices.




A medium dish cooked with Garlic paste, lemon juice, a hint of jeera and garam massala and a variety of herbs and spices.


Makani (Contains nuts)


Mildly spiced, cooked with butter and fresh cream. Mild


Chicken Kuzuri


Marinated diced pieces of spring chicken barbequed in the tandoor then cooked in a fairly mild sauce with ground almonds, fersh garden mint and mild green herbs. WIth a touch of fresh cream.


Pasanda (Contains nuts)


With red wine, almond powder, nuts and fresh cream, mild


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